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BOXX Modular

modular building and configurable workspace solutions

Civilized worksite solutions - even when you are miles from civilization.

BOXX Modular solutions bring comfort and convenience to workers in real-life, rugged conditions, whether its an urban construction site, or miles from nowhere.

Our large and growing fleet includes offices, lunchrooms, lavatories, portable storage, multi-unit complexes and other flexible solutions we can customize to meet your needs.

For your convenience, we also rent ancillary items like furniture and office equipment. Our experienced team handles site coordination, delivery and installation.

Blast Resistant Structures

Industrial work sites contain inherent risks, despite having developed safety plans and a safety-focused work culture. Workers at industrial sites have an expected level of protection when inside an on-site building. But accidents happen and workers get injured. This is why BOXX Modular has developed the robust and portable Blast Resistant Structure for potentially dangerous industrial environments.


SmartSpace® stackable and connectable modular building units are the future generation of portable and temporary space solutions. Able to stack three units high and connect to each other like building blocks, SmartSpace® modular units are an innovative, safe and cost-effective solution to changing space needs.

BOXX Modular - U.S. Division

Our U.S. division, headquartered near Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (formerly Nortex Modular Space) has experience designing and constructing quality portable modular office and classroom buildings. Specializes in the sale, lease, rental, repair and renovation of modular and portable buildings.


BOXX Modular Standard Floorplans

Scroll through the standard floorplans offered by BOXX Modular (click to enlarge)